I provide services for small businesses, non-profits and individual employees.

Employment Law Services

Few areas of the law effect small businesses more profoundly than employment law. Since employment law covers the close relationship between employer and employee, disputes can be very emotional. They can also be very costly for the employer.

I provide a wide range of employment law services to small businesses including:

  • Drafting employee handbooks and policies
  • Representing employers in employment discrimination claims, including allegations of discrimination on the bases of age, sex, pregnancy, race, disability, national origin and religion
  • Representing employers in sexual harassment claims
  • Representing employers in wage-and-hour claims such as overtime and commission disputes
  • Dealing with unemployment compensation claim disputes
  • Advising employers about retain information in personnel files
  • Advising employers about terminations
  • Negotiating severance packages
  • Drafting and enforcing non-compete agreements.

As your attorney, I will not urge you into litigation unless I think it is in your best financial interests to do so. At the beginning of your case, I help you with an economic assessment of the case so you can decide whether to litigate or negotiate the matter.

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